Regulated Agent Regime



DNF Logistics Co. Limited is a registered agent of the Regulated Agent Regime.
Regulated Agent No. RA21284

管制代理人號碼 RA21284


Regulated Agent Regime is aimed to enhance the security of air cargo to be in line with the Standard 4.6.4 of Annex 17 to the Convention on International Civil Aviation safeguarding aircraft against acts of unlawful interference, the Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme which, is enforceable under the Aviation Security Ordinance, has incorporated Regulated Agent Regime (RAR) since March 2000.
The regime was formulated after consultation with the air cargo industry representative bodies like the Hong Kong Shippers' Council, Hong Kong Association of Freight Forwarding and Logistics Limited (HAFFA), Hong Kong International Courier Association and aircraft operators (airlines).

Therefore, DNF Logistics Co. Limited is required to comply with the requirements in respect of the Regulated Agent (RA) in the Hong Kong Aviation Security Programme, in order to prevent the unauthorized carriage of explosives and incendiary devices in consignments of cargo intended for carriage by air.