Yes, we are young in the sector, but literally well experienced at the same time.

Newly formed since 2011, DNF Logistic Company Limited (hereafter, DNFL) is teamed up by a group of experts specialized in various categories of logistic field. Their contributions do not limit to the global networks and heve solid relationship with most of the representative airlines, major shipping companies, overseas partners or agents, domestic warehouses and couriers. More importantly, our experienced staffs are professional in routine arrangement, customs clearance as well as detailed delivery and distribution procedures. All these allow us to provide all types of logistic services up on requested and to integrate with what our clients’ really need.

Indeed, DNFL is more than willing to stay young, with a heart of energy, flexibility, passion, innovation, and courage to address: “We service you our very best”, in a safe, reliable, and effective method to earn continuous supports professionally. 



DNF Logistic Company Limited (以後簡稱為DNFL)在物流業雖然只是一個新名字,但與此同時,我們的經驗卻也是無可置疑的。




事實上,DNFL希望公司永遠維持年青的心,永遠充滿熱誠和活力,以靈活及革新為基,能夠自豪地承諾: “為您做得最好” ;以可靠、安全、效律和專業,贏取各行各業的信任和長久支持。